Below are some samples of wedding music options for your special day.  These are merely a few samples from a vast number of other options.  If you don't hear exactly what you want, we can meet and go over some other possibilities. Also, we are likely to play at slower tempos for processionals than what you hear, here. Many of these samples come from our Welsh traditional repertoire which is a favorite for our weddings due to the fact that the melodies suit the mood well and please a variety of tastes.

For the ceremony we are most likely to use fiddle/guitar as it carries better. However, if you prefer a fiddle/banjo sound, or banjo/guitar we are able to use that combination.  We can also bring a mandolin into the mix if you wish. We will add links of our own versions of the tunes to the list below as we are able. Many of the tunes below can be found on the internet played by others if they do not currently have a link.  Please contact us for more information and questions.  Thanks!  --Sarah and John

Note:  It is best not to read too much into the titles of some of the tunes. There are a lot of melodies that would be wonderful for a wedding ceremony, despite having names that don't seem appropriate. Names of the tunes would not be announced.

Tunes we are likely to play while the guests get settled (waltzes, airs, slower melodies):

Gold and Silver Waltz
Simple Gifts
Kerry Sunset Waltz by John Mowad
Lover's Waltz and Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason
Debbie's Waltz by Graham Townsend
Queen's Marsh
Waltzing with the One You Love by Sarah Armstrong
Red Piper's Tune

Tunes for Processional (that can be used pre-wedding if not used for processional):

Standards: Pachelbel's Cannon in D or "Here comes the Bride"
Fair Bird
Brielle's Lullaby by John Mowad
Mairi's Wedding
Coleman's March (played here fiddle banjo but can be played as fiddle/guitar)
 Queen’s Dream 
Ymdaith Meirionedd
Harvest Home/Off to California/Alexander’s
James Cameron
Waiting for the Boatsman
Sarah Armstrong
G major Polska
Highland Whiskey
Mairi’s Wedding/Jamie Allen
Ganglet fran Appelbo efter Artsbergs Kalle

Recessionals (Tunes to play after the ceremony is finished and while the guests are slowly leaving the ceremony site):

Off she goes/Smash the Windows
Oyster Girl Jig
Golden Slippers/You Married My Daughter But You Didn't/Crooked Stovepipe
Ye Comely Carefree Lads / Mon
Jame’s Byrne’s/Con Cassidy/Mist over the Tennesee
St. Kilda Wedding
Farewell to Aberystwyth
Yellow Beer (better as pre wedding)/Drunken Man/Wednesday Night