All of the young students, as well as some of the adults, make yearly CD's in Sarah's studio, as do some of John's students.  The students record every tune or piece that they learn and record it when they have mastered it to the best of their ability.  At the end of the year students design their record labels and produce the CDs to take home as a gift for the holidays.  Some use software graphics, some photos sent in by their parents, and others use jpg files of their own artwork. Tracks are set in chronological order so that one can hear the progress over the course of the year.  Sarah has the capacity to print color labels directly on the finished CD.  This service is also available to any student who would like to set up a one time appointment to record what they have learned on their own or at another music studio.



This CD, “SPROUT” was made by one of our youth fiddlers, Kate Dwyer Frattalone in our studio, using our finest recording equipment.  It is a beautiful, professional quality recording of fiddle tunes and songs that Kate recorded mostly during their 15th year of age.  This CD is sure to inspire the young musicians in your household to work toward their own such creations! For more information about this CD, or to buy it, click here.  We are able to provide this service to our more advanced private students as part of their training.