"Being a beginner with only two years of playing at age 77 has not felt like a disadvantage.  I have no anxiety about what I can't do yet and it seems like fiddling has taken over my life."  -Chris Raskind, 2017


Here at Woodbury Strings we have extensive experience teaching adults beginners.  We are highly recommending that seniors consider taking up the fiddle if at all possible!  Check out this link about how playing music uses more of the brain than any other activity!  WIth so  many opportunities to play with others in the area, such as the Slow Jam, Vermont Fiddle Orchestra, Northeast Heritage Music Camp, Colchester Fiddle Classes for Adults, to name a few; seniors don't have to practice alone for years in order to reap the benefits.  Within a few lessons we'll have you playing simple tunes, and in a few months you'll be able to start to play a tune or two with others at a slow jam.  Playing music with others will motivate you to play more and progress more quickly, all the while having a great time and doing really good things for your brain!

We'll help you find an instrument to rent or purchase so if you want to check this out with no commitment, you can use one of our fiddles in the first lesson and we can go from there.  You can rent a fiddle from the Burlington Violin Shop with no commitment beyond three months if you decide it isn't for you.

Not sure?  Contact Sarah Hotchkiss and we can talk about it further.  With so many people playing music in this state who are beginners as adults, you'll be in good company.  Sarah and John are kind and patient teachers who will help you work at your own pace and bring out the musician in you you didn't know was there!  Everyone is musical.  This isn't just for kids anymore!!!

Not sure? Contact Sarah Hotchkiss and we can discuss it further.