Sarah started out her musical career as a violist and majored on viola at Crane School of Music.  In later years she studied classical violin before moving almost exclusively to fiddle.   Sarah has played in numerous classical orchestras including the Montpelier Chamber Orchestra. She is able to teach classical violin and viola to all ages at the beginning and intermediate level, while exposing her students simultaneously to folk music if they wish.   This gives her student a more rounded start than is offered in most studios, which provides a student with a variety of options while exploring the early stages of music making.  If a student becomes clear at some point that they would like to focus exclusively on classical music, Sarah will aid the student in preparing to transition to a classical teacher when they reach an early intermediate level or whenever they wish.

John is able to help his fiddle students with their orchestra music and other classical endeavors while they focus on fiddle.  Starting on fiddle can be a fun way to get students interested in music no matter what they choose later to focus on later on.