Tune List:  Welsh Traditional

This is a list that I'm putting together for the St. David's Day Jam session.  For right now I'll be putting the tunes in the list randomly as I remember them and in mostly English titles.  When I have more time I will get this in better order and add to it.  Thank you for your patience.  Below are some of the favorites that we've played at jams in the past along with some others that would be good to add in time.

Pwt ar y Bys
Cuckoo's Nest
University College Swansea by Pat Shaw
Ash Grove
Minstrel's Strain
Fair Bird
All Through the Night
Morfa Rhuddlan
Farewell to Aberystwyth
Pantglas (Green Hollow) by Dylan Cairns Howarth
Suo Gan
Window Pane
Waving of the White Wheat
Captain Morgan
Ymdaith Neirionnedd
Queen's Dream
Ffidl Ffadl in D
Ffidl Ffadl in G
Cambro Briton
Robin Ddiog
Over the Stone
Tom Jones Jig
Mopsi Don
The Druid
Drunken Man
You Comely Carefree Lads
Golden Bear
The Briar
Monmouth Hornpipe
Figure Eight
King George's Delignt
The New Harp
The Little Tinker Lad
Rachel Dafydd Ifan
Cwmsymlog by Dylan Cairns Howarth
Gwaithdy Arian (Silver Workshop) by Dyland Cairns Howarth
Harlech's Cry
Glamorganshire Hornpipe
Gower Reel
Huw Puw's Barge
Red Piper's Tune
Three and Six
The Hunter's Elegy
Hunting the Hare
Merch Megan
Wyres Megan
White Cockerel
Hen Ferchetan
Llanover Reel
Abram Woods Hornpipe
March of the Men of Devon
Morfa Frenhines
Dyn y Geg
Jigalo by Iolo Jones
Black as Coal
St. David's Day
Length of the Reed