Students of Woodbury Strings are encouraged to participate groups run by other organizations such as Presto through the Vermont Youth Orcestra Associaion, and Fiddleheads through Young Traditions Vermont.


Why Presto?

The ensemble will be excellent training in learning to count, play a part against other parts that are different, and improving intonation and overall musicianchip.  Even though the group will be playing classical music, those students who enjoy fiddling will find it a fun experience, I believe.  I also think it is good exposure to the classical world for young students and will expand their horizons.  Playing in a school band or orchestra gives fiddlers a unique experience because instead of playing all in unison, or playing back up parts learned by ear, one has to read the music and count and learn to be sensitive to other musicians in a special way that can very much enhance readiness for a folk band of any kind.

Why Fiddleheads?

This group operates generally at a more advanced level than the Woodbury Strings Fiddle and Banjo Club so it is the perfect folk group for our young students to aspire to belong to.  They offer a wide variety of musical opportunities locally and abroad for the developing folk musicians.  They also have beginning level opportunities as well, so students who are at a level that is appropriate for Presto will also be able to participate in some Fiddleheads workshops and events. Children who participate in these workshops and events really have the opportunity to enhance their ability to learn tunes by ear, make music with peers who come from other studios, and get exposed to world class fiddlers and folk musicians who come through this area to perform and teach.