At the Halyard Brewing Company

First Thursdays 6:30 - 8:30

Sarah and John of High-Low-Jack have been invited to lead an old time jam at Halyard's!  This will be a full speed jam for acoustic string players who play at a strong intermediate or advanced level of playing.  All are welcome to sit in or hang out and enjoy Halyard's delicious ginger beer (and locally sourced charcuterie and cheeses!) from the prohibition era!  We'll be playing southern old time music with New England and French Canadian styles spicing the mix!  If you have any  questions, please contact us for more information, or, we'll see you there!


Just to give you an idea of what might get played, here is a list of tunes we played at the first jam session on January 5th, 2017

Julianne Johnson D
Coleman’s March D
Feed My Horse on Corn and Hay G
Girl I Left Behind Me G
Devil Eat the Groundhog G
Jimmy Johnson A
Soldier’s Joy D
Cumberland Gap D
Duck River D
Durang’s Hornpipe D
Banjo Pickin Gal
Speed the Plough
Quince Dillion’s High D
Old Aunt Ginny With A Nightcap On (G)
Roscoe (G)
Hollow Poplar (G)
Big Scioti G
Josie O G
Walkin’ in My Sleep G
Robinson County D
Waynesboro G


Other tunes to select from to play from the Southern Old Time/French Canadian/New England Traditions (in addition to what you all bring in of course!):

Waiting For the Boatsman D
West Fork Gals D
Johnstown Gals G
Paddy on the Railroad D
Whiskey Before Breakfast D
Golden Slippers G
Far From Home G
Green Mountain Petronella G
Newlywed’s Reel G
Saint Anne’s Reel D
Gaspe Reel D
La Bastringue D
Reel de Montreal G
Reel St. Denis G 
Reel de Sucre D
Reel de Remi D
Growling Old Man-Grumbling Old Woman Am/A
Mason's Apron A
Alexander’s Hornpipe D
Strawberries and Raspberries D or G
Horse and Buggy A
Goodbye Girls I’m Going to  Boston A
Squirrel Heads and Gravy A
Flippin’ Jenny A
Gunboat A
Yankee Squirrel Hunter Am Dorian
Elk River Blues G
Shove that PIisfoot A Little Further in the Fire G
Nail that Catfish (Nashville version) G
Liberty D
Road to Boston D
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss D
Over the Waterfall D
Sally with Mud Between her Toes D
Angeline the Baker D
Arkansas Traveler D
Leather Britches G
Rocking the Babies to Sleep D
Frisco Waltz G
Waltzing with the one You Love by Sarah Armstrong  D
Gold and Silver Waltz D
Margaret’s Waltz A
Salmon Tails Up in the Water G/March of St.Timothy G
Silver and Gold Two Step G or D
Ten Brother’s Two Step D
Ffidl Ffadl 2 G
Pwt ar y bys D
Munster Bank G
Roger Perrault’s Two Step by Adam Boyce D/A
Don and Pat’s Two Step by RW A/D