Students at Woodbury Strings are encouraged to get their families playing together in duos or in family bands. This is facilitated by inviting family members in to lessons and teaching other family members easy chords on backup instruments such as the guitar and ukulele so that everyone can play together.  Also, family members are encouraged to accompany each other at recitals and events.  Each member of the family can get involved including the toddlers with a pair of spoons or shaker!  Hesitant parents and partners/spouses or other family members soon discover that playing a simple strum and just a handful of chords on a ukulele or guitar can provide endless song or tune options for the family to enjoy.  There are many song books available for this purpose, and here at Woodbury Strings we like to do everything we can to help facilitate this.  We understand that playing music with family members can pose unique challenges so we are here to help with gentle encouragement.  Even if your family is only able to play one tune together once a year, it can be a very rewarding, memorable,and bonding event!  We'd love to help!