The real deal!

"I want to express how pleased I am with how last night went.  More than one person said to me, "You know, I'm really digging this band."  You guys made the evening really special..."  Larry Swanson, Whistle Pig Whiskey  2014


SPECIAL NOTE: High-Low-Jack is playing this June 4th at the Winooski 100th birthday celebration!  For this family event they will be playing their fiddle tunes from various traditions to celebrate some of the heritage in Winooski that also fits well with their fiddle style.  Tunes will include selections from Quebec, Ireland, Southern U. S., Vermont, the Middle East, Nepal, Ukraine, and more.  They will be joined by Burlington musician, Brian Perkins on guitar and mandolin. 

Band Info

HIGH-LOW-JACK is an old-time Mom & Pop duo consisting of Sarah Hotchkiss and John Mowad who live in Winooski. John and Sarah have been teaching and performing in Vermont for a few decades and are well known and respected for the intelligence and sincerity they bring to their music. Their music is rhythmically driving and full of the old home-made Saturday Night good-timey spirit. Their plain, simple genuineness conveys the deep love they have for their music, each other and the people they share their gifts with. Bringing you music from Wales to West Virginia, now with their new Middle Eastern tunes in the mix!

HIGH-LOW-JACK is one of several names for an old-time card game that originated in the 1600s in England and is still very popular there. Known as All-Fours in England, it was the most popular gambling game in America until after the Civil War when Draw Poker began to overshadow it. It continued to be popular throughout the 19th century, and was most commonly known as Seven Up or Old Sledge. It is still popular today in various forms including Pitch or Auction Pitch.

Sarah and John's music usually consists of Old-timey fiddle tunes but for certain events they may also draw from their repertoire of, as John has described it, "gambling songs, bad guy songs, railroad songs, songs of sin and sadness, real music for real folks, good-timey and bad-timey music."  Fiddle, guitar, banjo, and sometimes a bass or mandolin added to the mix--real old-timey music the old-timey way! 

Old Sledge is also the name of a West Virginia fiddle tune. Sarah and John originally called their duo Olde Sledge until a band from Virginia called Old Sledge came on the big-time, new-timey old-time scene. As HIGH-LOW-JACK they retain the genuine spirit of real old time folk music. THE REAL DEAL!